Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Anna Szysiak-Juszczyńska

Who are we?

The law firm of solicitor Anna Szysiak-Juszczyńska is situated in the Old Mokotow area of Warsaw (Stary Mokotów) in an easily accesible place. Our law firm specialises in providing professional legal services for both individuals and economic entities, including natural persons, legal persons, foundations, associations, partnerships and companies.

We provide complex legal services in Polish, English and French.


Our team consists of ambitious, thoroughly educated lawyers who achieved education at the renowned Faculty of Law, fulfilled their professional legal traineeship at the Warsaw Bar Association and have gained the expertise in a variety of areas of law. Some of us obtained as well higher education in finance and accounting at Warsaw School of Economics, English philology, journalism or political science.We speak fluent English and French. All those skills allow us to apply law in economic realities and help us to prepare effective tactics in court proceedings as well as take care of success and satisfaction of every Client, both individual and corporate.

Solicitor Anna Szysiak-Juszczyńska and junior lawyer Małgorzata Szysiak are resposible for coordinating Client relations in our law firm.



The law firm of solicitor Anna Szysiak-Juszczyńska offers a convenient remuneration scheme. Legal fees are individually calculated and depend on the labor input of the team. In the following you can find exemplary fees for legal services. These items shall not be interpreted as an offer within the meaning of Civil Code. In order to gain further knowledge about remuneration procedure please click “About us” – “Remuneration scheme”

  • Legal advice in the office or on-line
  • Free legal advice in case of engagement for conduct of a case
  • drafting pleadings (with use of English) – fee starts at 450 zł
  • Professional pleadings at pre-court, court and enforcement proceedings
  • Drafts of contracts, legal opinions
  • conduct of a case and representation (with use of English) – fee starts at 2800 ZŁ
  • Comprehensive legal services in a case
  • Istalment payment possible in certain cases


Aequitas sequitur legem Equity follows the law

We provide legal services for:

  • Natural persons
  • Partneships & companies
  • Other business entities
Phone: 798 130 917
Fax: (22) 119 09 19
ul. Puławska 87/89 lok. 17
02-595 Warszawa

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