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Anna Szysiak-Juszczyńska – founder, listed as a solicitor at the Warsaw Bar Association (number WA-11326) since 2015, member of the National Council of Legal Advisers, master of law and English Philology at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, underwent the legal training for solicitors and passed the solicitor exam at the Warsaw Bar Association. She has several years’ legal experience, gained in barristers and soliciors’ law firms, specialising in a wide range of areas of law. She did her internship in the Directorate Advisers’ Unit at the Council of the European Union in Brussels, where she was working on European labour law and European family law issues as well as translating legal acts and opinions using English, French and Polish. She has been running sole legal practice in Warsaw since July 2015.


She has been providing complex legal services for fuel corporations for several years. She also offers permanent legal services for other entrepreneurs, including partnerships and companies dealing with IT issues and modern technologies. Furthermore, she has experience in legal services for an aviation company, restaurants, foundations, associations and web portals. She has extensive experience in litigation and mediation. In her practice she has dealt as well with individual clients’ cases, in particular in the field of civil law, family law, law of succession, administrative law.

She is particularly interested in the following areas of law: medical law, European Union law, complex legal services for business entities, drafting legal opinions on real estate & property law, in particular promotion contracts, legal services in English and French, IT and modern technologies law.

Providing legal services in English or French is not a problem for her. In her professional practice she translated a number of contracts, regulations and resolutions of a limited company into English and French. She performed a function of an interpreter during negotiating contracts by Polish corporations with foreign entities as well as in the field of criminal law – while cooperating with a barrister she was an interpreter for the English speaking accused.Performing her duty of further professional training as a solicitor in the training cycle of 2015-2017 she participated in the following courses conducted in Polish and English:

  1. Legal English as practised in Polish law firms – rules of professional legal translations

  2. Professional liability claims

  3. Invalidity of legal acts – selected issues against the backdrop of case-law

  4. Internet advertising of legal services of solicitors – influence of EU regulations on Professional Ethics Codes

  5. IT implementation contracts

  6. European Union law in the context of legal proceedings

Medical law
EU law
IT and modern technologies law
Complex legal services for business
Legal services in English and French
Real estate & property law
Other areas of law

Individual clients

Legal services concerning medical law, civil law, real estate& property law,law of succession, EU law in the pre-court, court and enforcement proceedings.

Business clients

Complex legal services in the field of debt recovery, reviewing and drafting contracts, civil law, IT and economic law in the pre-court, court and enforcement proceedings.
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